Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23

Maryland 23 was fun. I feel like I was exposed to a lot of new things, which was wonderful. My biggest challenge was fitting in the time to work on it. We had a cram session last Friday and that helped me quite a bit. A bunch of us got together after the library closed to the public and worked for several hours.

My favorite things were creating a character, the Delicious site to hold all my links and playing around on Utube.

I think this program is definately worth doing. Even if I can't remember every single thing I did, I was at least exposed to them and now know something about them. Thank you to everyone behind the program and helping us get through the rough spots.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20 (again)

I was finally able to get onto Utube. I watched several Muppet clips. There is nothing like that group of fuzzballs. I watched an old clip with Johnny Cash singing Ghost Riders in the Sky. Gonzo came riding out on a cow singing Yipee Yi Oh, Yipee Yi Aaaa. It was great!

I'm not watching a clip of Hugh Jackman performing at the Tony's. He's so talented. The man can sing, dance and play the wolverine. What more could he do?

Week 9 thing 22

I'm on section 12 of the Overdrive tutorial. I wish I had known about this months ago when I was trying to help a customer on the phone. This is a great tutorial.

I'm going to spend some time next looking at titles that are available. Once I get my craft room set up with my computer, this could be a good resource for me. I could download audio books to listen to while I'm working. I like the bookmark feature. Right now I use a small cd player to listen to books on CD. I usually listen to the entire CD at one time thought because it is too difficult to try to find the location where you left off.

I noticed you can download graphic novels. Now, that I think could be interesting to listen to. All those voices - I wonder if each voice is done by a different person or one narrator.

Project Gutenburg seems like a great idea. I'm looking at it right now. I can't figure out how to create an account, but they have tons of titles. I also like that for some there is a link to Wikipedia. Although you can't always rely on the information in Wikipedia, at least it may give you some idea as to what the author writes or is known for.

I just downloaded a copy of Call of the Wild from Project Gutenburg. I downloaded a written copy first. Then I tried the audio version. Somehow it jumped right to chapter two when the computer was reading it. I'm not sure I did it correctly.

I'm back on the desk so I have to sign off.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 9 thing 21 (and a little of 20)

It is very cool to listen to a children's book being read via a podcast. I checked out the Denver Public Library's stories for kids via podcasts. What a neat idea. The one thing I could not tell is if the entire book is on the podcast or not. I wasn't familiar with the story so I couldn't tell.

I also watched a really bad Utube video (I was able to get on) of Harry and the Potters. The audio was pretty inaudible.

I checked out the 2007 Poetry Slam at the Kankakee Library. That was a great idea. I think teens would really be into participating in a poetry slam or even an open mic night if they knew it would be on the internet. I also got some good ideas from the slam that we could use with out teens.

I went to and tried to listen to a podcast about Disney, but I couldn't get it to work. I'm not sure what I did wrong.

Week 9 thing 20

NOTE: Videos, like music downloads, are bandwidth hogs. It is recommended that you complete this exercise during light internet usage times. If you encounter a problem, try again at a different time of day.

That is the truth. I tried to get on Utube around 1:30 today and couldn't. I'll try back at another time. I have seen the Azalea goes to the library video on Utube in the past, so I've had a bit of a look at it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 18, thing 19

The second site from the web 2.0 awards I checked out was Etsy. It's a showcase for handcrafted item. Wow, what a goldmine. It's like being at an online craft fair. I enjoyed checking out this community of crafters.

Week 8 thing 19

OK, I decided to check out the games link on the Web 2.0 words. I checked out Guess-The-Google. A bunch of images are shown and you have to decide what was typed into Google image to get those photos back.

I played a round and did terribly the first half. I think it must have thought I was dumb because all of a sudden it started getting easier. Anyway it was fun and my final score was 161.